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PCNS takes stock of 2019 and reveals its prospects for 2020

In parallel with his reflection on the coronavirus, Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) sets up a web page dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic gathering all the publications on the subject and unveils its annual report. He claims to be positioned today at the forefront of research and prospective analysis on the implications of the coronavirus in Africa.

In parallel, the Moroccan think tank has just published its annual activity report which retraces, among other things, the prospects for 2020. These relate to two centers of expertise (international relations and the economy). They include: redefining the place of tomorrow’s Africa, anticipating and interpreting security challenges in Africa, Morocco in its continental and global environment, supporting the structural transformation of Africa, and promoting a new Moroccan economy. Among the themes addressed by Policy center for the New South, we find that relating to Morocco in its external environment.

Indeed, the think tank analyzes the Moroccan strategy on the commercial level, “Morocco faces its first commercial dispute before the WTO” through the prisms, legal and economic, and traces a roadmap for the steps that it will belong to Morocco to undertake in the event of commercial litigation.

In the same vein, the Policy Center for the New South, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Applied Economics of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of Agdal, addressed the link between economic growth, productivity and trade openness in Morocco. The authors emphasize the two main weaknesses that face the enhancement of the growth potential of the Moroccan economy. In terms of development, the report refers to one of the publications relating to inequalities in Morocco in “Inequality in Morocco: An international perspective”. “Beyond income disparities, marked by a clear domination of the top decile, it is especially on the front of education and access to health that the shoe pinches. A report of failure of a public education creating social stagnation for lack of skills, in adequacy with the job market, thus weighing on the economic growth”, underlines the document specifying that these social changes which Morocco knows rapid development of the middle class referring to Policy brief: “Measuring the middle class in the world and in Morocco”.

Thus, this emerging middle class is the sign of a strong political conscience among a large segment of the population, which expresses growing expectations in terms of improving living conditions for decision-makers, indicates the same source. These growing expectations of people in developing countries draw attention to the importance of inclusive growth.

This subject was dealt with in a Research Paper entitled “Making Globalization Inclusive: Job Creation and Wage Inequality in Developing Economies” claiming that growth without adequate job creation is a recipe for social unrest.
“Accompanied by excessive inequalities, it could be perceived as unfair and not be sustainable. By ignoring the importance of inclusive growth, policy makers in developing countries can fall into the error made by developed countries, causing people to be left behind who pose a threat to stability and social cohesion”, underlines the document.

In terms of figures, it should be noted that Policy Center produces more than 200 publications per year (100 research publications and 120 blog notes), a work of analysis of the major questions of the developing world and the challenges facing the south, in bringing the voices, expertise and analyzes of the southern hemisphere.

The teams at the Policy Center for the New South have also been strengthened, with 41 senior fellows (associate researchers) from the North and the South and 71 collaborators.

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