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Phosphates: Morocco holds 75% of world reserves

Morocco, through the OCP Group, holds 75% of the world phosphate reserves. And the current reserves are so important that it takes 700 years to exploit them all, according to Abderrahmane Igourzal, advisor to the director of the OCP site in Jorf Lasfar.

“For phosphate, we have almost 50% of the world market share. For phosphoric acid, we have 47% market share. And in terms of fertilizer, what we produce is estimated at 22% of the world volume,” Igourzal detailed.

It should be noted that the OCP Group, recognized as one of the main producers of crude phosphate, phosphoric acid and fertilizers in the world, wishes to increase its share of the world fertilizer market by 22 to 40%. to 2028.

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