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Plug and Play in Morocco launches a new program for African startups

After a successful first “batch”, the largest innovation platform for investors, accelerators and businesses in the world, Plug and Play, is launching a new program in Morocco for the benefit of African startups.

The “Batch 2” program will host 11 African startups who will benefit from services and facilities to accelerate their growth. Participants in this year’s program include startups Deepecho, Electriciti, Emata, I-Sense, Jobop, MintHR, Mouhimatech, PEGA Health, Saweblia, Veezen, WattNow and WAFR.

The program will include three “reflection weeks” during which startups will have access to state-of-the-art facilities set up at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Ben Guerir, which sponsors the Moroccan branch of the program with the OCP Group.

Being the brainchild of Silicon Valley veteran Saeed Amidi, the Plug and Play platform aims to connect promising small businesses with large companies and facilitate their growth. The platform does not require any fees or equity from startups, but rather aims to “match” them with possible interested companies.

Plug and Play uses its vast network of companies and venture capital investors to find specific startups in its areas of intervention, particularly in shared economy, mobility and IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence and big data, smart buildings, logistics, health technologies, educational technologies and energy. This program is looking for startups that aim to innovate and develop their operations in Africa using cutting-edge technology.

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