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Pogba closer than ever to Real Madrid

Paul Pogba at Real Madrid? It’s only a question of time according to spanish media. These latter argue, in fact, that the French international has reached an agreement with the Merengue.

Since the arrival of Zizou, rumors about the transfer of Pogba to Real, enliven the transfer market before it opens its doors. But little by little, it seems like things are getting more and more clear.

The 2018 World Champion is closer than ever to Bernabéu. The latest information shows a common ground found between the footballer and Real Madrid for the coming seasons. According to media, the two parties would have agreed on a fixed salary of 12 million euros, a figure higher than he perceives the French with the Red Devils.

Media points out that Pogba receives 10 million a year in England. “The highest salary in the team is Alexis, who earns $ 12 million a year,” a club source said. And to add: “These 12 million euros would be more than affordable for Real Madrid, which targets big caliber this summer.”

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the leaders of the English club will not sell their star at less than 150 million euros. Pogba, who wants to play under the leadership of Zidane, is pressuring his bosses to lower the price so he can join the White House.

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