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Polisario: Brahim Ghali calls Morocco “brother country”

Brahim Ghali mentioned Morocco during the celebrations of what the separatists call the “43rd anniversary of the creation of the SADR”. And the least that can be said is that the new departure of the leader of the separatist front proves that the “polisario” is desperate to offer a semblance of legitimacy.

Brahim Ghali called Morocco “neighbor and brother country” and assured that the “SADR” is ready to work jointly with Morocco and all the countries of the region. “We are ready to work with neighboring countries for a new transition in respect. We aspire to stability in the region,” he said.

The leader of the “Polisario”, however, did not hide his annoyance following the adoption by the European Parliament of the Morocco-EU agricultural agreement. “It is an irresponsible decision that puts the European countries in a bad position,” he lamented.

Recall that the court of the European Union recently announced the rejection of a request from the Polisario trying to cancel the mandate granted last April to the EU Council to negotiate the fisheries agreement with Morocco.

The court ruled out of order the Polisario’s claim that the EU Council did not have to negotiate an agreement with Morocco that includes the waters of the Moroccan Sahara, thus cutting corners.

This umpteenth defeat of the Polisario is part of the natural logic of the disappointments concealed by the separatists and their master thinkers in Algiers.

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