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Polisario: Effervescence in Tindouf since the departure of Bouteflika

For several weeks now, the shame camps of Tindouf have become more active. This is a real refugee Hirak, expression of the anger of the people against the leaders of Front Polisario.

Protest demonstrations and marches took place last weekend inside the camps of shame, protesting against the decision of the separatists and their Algerian mentor to institute a curfew.

The demonstrators demanded the lifting of the restriction of some of their rights, that is to say to move freely inside the camps and outside. They also did not fail to denounce the decision of the Algerian authorities and the leadership of the separatists, deeming it a flagrant violation of human rights.

Just as the Saharawi people have appealed to the international community asking for its intervention to lift the blockade imposed on them for decades by Algeria and the polisarian militias.

On the other hand, several media reported statements by some demonstrators, discrediting the apparent contradictions of the leaders of the Front.

“If they cling to the thesis of the referendum of self-determination, they will do better to allow the Saharawi’s right, especially among the young freedom of movement of the camp populations so that they themselves determine if they want to stay in Tindouf or flee the hell of the camps,” they said.

The purpose of the curfew mentioned above is to strengthen surveillance at crossings at border crossings, particularly with the Kingdom and Mauritania. And thus prevent the escape of Saharawis, especially young people, to Morocco, as happened a few weeks ago.

It should be pointed out that the timing of the demonstrations and marches of the sequestered camps of shame coincides with the effervescence of the Algerian cities, which continues even more, even after the resignation of Bouteflika. And our neighbors to the east require the departure of all the symbols of the system in place in order to finally enjoy a new and genuine democratic experience.

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