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Polisario invades the “buffer zone” and releases live ammunition

In a clearly provocative move, the separatist Frente POLISARIO broke into the buffer zone covered by the ceasefire under the auspices of the United Nations and engaged in a live ammunition exercise in the Mhiriz area.

Despite the warnings of the UN Security Council through the last two previous resolutions, the Polisario conducted a military exercise in the fourth military sphere in Mhiriz, under the supervision of its Secretary General, Ibrahim Ghali, a number of leaders of the Front, and separatists from the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The military wing of the Polisario said that the military maneuvers were carried out by units of fighters from the fourth military area of ​​infantry, air defense and engineering units, and the various supply and support units of the separatist militia.

These “old-new” provocations, according to the same sources, “constitute the embodiment of combat exercises aimed at training units and individuals on combat operations close to reality, as well as testing the combat readiness of the units and their ability to carry out the tasks with the accuracy required,” in their terms.

The escalating steps coincide with the Monaco Dakar rally from the buffer zone of Guerguarat on Monday for Mauritania.

“The various military activities taking place in the Mhiriz area, including military competitions, as well as military maneuvers, are the culmination of a year of effort, perseverance and continuous action by the Sahrawi army,” said Mohammed Allal, commander of the fourth military area of ​​the Polisario militia, According to him.

The separatist leader said that these military activities “fall within the framework of preparation for combat readiness, embodying the slogan of the lifting of the level of readiness to the highest degree of competition through the various aspects of the military desert.”

The UN Security Council expressed its concern about the presence of military elements in the buffer zone and called for an immediate withdrawal to preserve the security and stability of the region and to reduce the recent tensions between Morocco and the Polisario.

“The UN Security Council has been clear in its decisions that any behavior in the buffer zone is a provocation and a threat to stability in the region in general,” the Moroccan government said last week, speaking on behalf of its spokesman, the minister in charge of relations with parliament and civil society.

The official added that the resolutions of the UN Security Council called on the Polisario to refrain from such provocations in the buffer zone, pointing out that it is a “desperate provocations put separatists in confrontation with the international community.”

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