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Polisario threats worry MINURSO

This time, it is not the FAR that gives the warning, but indeed the MINURSO!

And it is the leader of the latter who came, last Sunday, to give his firm instructions to all the members of the UN Mission so that the level of the state of alert is reinforced.

The decision, comes after Polisario separatists threatened to attack members of MINURSO. It is for this reason that it is imperative that they be extremely cautious and vigilant, both at the headquarters of the Mission and when traveling in the Guergarate region.

The paper states that there are many cautionary measures and, if need be, demonstrate that MINURSO takes the threats of the separatists very seriously. Indeed, it is recommended to be vigilant when driving the vehicles of the Mission, not to leave the windows open, and to ensure that each vehicle is properly parked at the end of the day.

All these measures were taken, in order to guarantee the security of the members of MINURSO against all attempts and threats of the Polisario.

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