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Pope Francis’ trip to Morocco still in people’s minds

Nine months after the Holy Father’s apostolic journey, interreligious dialogue continues in the country with numerous fraternal meetings, such as in the capital Rabat, where, as Christmas approaches, Muslims have sent their wishes to several Christian communities.

In Morocco, interreligious dialogue continues on a daily basis between the small Christian community present in the country and the Muslims. This is particularly the case in Rabat, the capital of the Kingdom which had welcomed Pope Francis at the end of March. As Christmas celebrations approached, several delegations of Muslims sent greetings to several Christian communities.

A new dynamism at the cathedral

“Since the visit of the Holy Father the church has not been empty” rejoices Father Daniel Nourissat, the parish priest of the cathedral of Rabat. A booklet has been published to explain what a church is and what you can find there: religious objects, symbols, intended for the many young Muslims who come curiously to push the doors of the cathedral. Music from Taizé is played to ensure meditation.

During Advent, the slogan chosen was “Lord, make us a people to meet”, emphasizes Father Nourissat again, and the prayer was oriented towards confidence in a future where the little signs of listening and dialogue are make you feel everyday.

Father Manuel Corullón is the head of the Franciscan community in Morocco, parish priest of the parish of Saint Francis of Assisi in Rabat. He is delighted with this spirit of brotherhood.

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