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Portugal wants to develop electricity interconnection with Morocco

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa has said Morocco is an alternative in electricity supply for European countries.

During a debate in the Portuguese Parliament, Antonio Costa indicated that the electricity interconnection between Morocco and his country is “fundamental”, adding that “if we can produce renewable energy from sources solar at a lower cost, Morocco, for many reasons, will be able to do it”.

Also, he noted the need for Europe to increase interconnection with Morocco which has the capacity to diversify energy. “Europe must diversify its energy sources and can no longer depend on Russia, Turkey or Algeria,” he said.

“Morocco will be able to supply Europe in a substantial way”, observed the Portuguese Prime Minister, adding that “this is a new niche of cooperation with Africa that we can and must develop in order to have energy security”.

In this wake, Portugal “could be a gateway for clean energy or clean transition energy from third countries,” he said.

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