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President Ali Bongo addresses Gabonese from Rabat

It is from Morocco, and more precisely Rabat, where it passes a period of convalescence since November 27th, that President Ali Bongo addressed to the Gabonese people for his traditional speech on the occasion of the New Year.

Victim of a stroke on October 24, Ali Bongo gave his first speech since his hospitalization. It has also been broadcast on all national TVs in the country but also on social networks. A long awaited exit by the Gabonese public opinion.

During this first speech, Ali Bongo gave news about his state of health which concerns the Gabonese people. “It’s true that I went through a difficult time, as sometimes happens in life. This test, I have today overcome it. As you can see, I am better,” he said.

Ali Bongo, who still has some legacy of his illness, also extended his best wishes to the Gabonese on the occasion of the new year and promised to work to improve the living conditions of his compatriots. He also assured that he is preparing to reach his country without announcing the date of his return.

The Gabonese president has put an end to rumors and speculation about his condition but also about his future as head of his country, especially since the opposition in the person of Jean Ping, former presidential candidate of 2016, had asked the Constitutional Court to declare a vacancy of the power of Ali Bongo.

After the speech, the spokesman of the presidency, Ike Ngouoni, said: “This speech is proof that President Ali Bongo is fully recovered. His health problems are now behind him”.

Recall that on November 27, Ali Bongo went to Morocco to perform a medical stay, for the purpose of rehabilitation and convalescence in a hospital in Rabat, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. This decision comes in accordance with the wishes of President Bongo, in agreement with the Constitutional Institutions of the Gabonese Republic and in accordance with the opinion of the doctors, says the ministry in a statement.

King Mohammed VI also visited him on 3 December at the Military Hospital Mohammed V of Rabat. During this visit, the Sovereign rejoiced at the health of the Gabonese president who is evolving favorably from day to day.

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