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President Bongo leaves Morocco to Gabon

Gabonese President Ali Bongo left Morocco today for Libreville, where he will preside over a swearing-in ceremony for the new government more than two months after his absence.

“The doctors considered that this trip does not pose any danger to his health,” the sources said, after two months of convalescing after a stroke in the brain last October.

In the absence of detailed official information on the issue since he was hospitalized on October 24 in Riyadh, he was transferred to a military hospital in Rabat and then to a special residence in the Moroccan capital.

The president appeared on December 31 in a short video recorded in Rabat to congratulate his citizens on the New Year.

Last Monday, an attempted coup took place in Gabon, and the coupers justified their move among other things with Bongo’s health and its impact on the administration of the country.

A new government and a new presidential office were announced in Gabon on Saturday evening in videos recorded in Morocco.

Ministers must take the oath before the President of the Republic, according to the new constitution. The celebration, scheduled for Tuesday, should be an occasion for Bongo’s 59-year-old official appearance on his return to his country.

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