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Prices of wholesale meat rise by a quarter

The wholesale price of red meat in the urban areas of Casablanca has risen by 25 per cent in less than a year, moving from 60 dirhams in March 2018 to 75 dirhams per kilogram in March.

This increase in the cost of marketing red meat in the economic capital has directly caused the increase in retail sales prices in the popular neighborhoods to 80 dirhams instead of 65 dirhams in the first quarter of last year.

The decline in demand from consumers has contributed significantly to reducing the upward trend in prices, noting that the poor can no longer afford red meat following a significant increase in their prices, especially between September 2018 and 2019.

Moroccans’ consumption of meat has risen to more than 15 kilograms per capita and is expected to reach 18 kg by 2020; the increase will be accompanied by an increase in the production capacity of the natural meat production sector and its conversion activities in sophisticated units.

According to the professionals, more than 73,000 tons of meat consumed in the economic capital comes from the smuggling of meat from the market; they come mainly from the market of Tit Mellil, Madiouna, Bouskoura, Tamaris and Lweizia in the suburbs of Mohammadia.

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