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Prince Harry and Meghan in Morocco: Treats and love of horses

On a visit to Morocco, British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan met on Monday with disabled and orphaned youth who find a taste for life through equestrian therapy or cooking.

Arriving Saturday night in Morocco for their last trip abroad before the birth of their first child, scheduled in a few weeks, the couple focused their visit on education, the status of women and the integration of young people.

An audience with the King of Morocco Mohammed VI is scheduled for Monday late afternoon.

Guests at an equestrian center in Rabat, the princely couple exchanged, smiling and listening, with leaders of associations and instructors specialized in development programs based on the relationship with horses.

Harry and Meghan chatted with two boys and a dozen-year-old girl tending ponies before flattering horses in the stables.

A horse lover, Prince Harry said he regretted his horses.

Meghan Markle, the prince’s wife, also traded with young adults including Driss, 24, handicapped by a difficult speech, Ikram, a 19-year-old with Down syndrome, and Zakaria, 20, who has managed to improve her mobility thanks to the equestrian therapy.

The ex-American actress, wearing jeans and riding boots, was still wearing the traditional henna tattoo that was made on Sunday during her trip to a village in the Atlas Mountains, south of Marrakesh.

On Monday, the princely couple also tasted Moroccan specialties prepared by young people in difficulty, supervised by the famous Moroccan chef Moha, at the “villa des Ambassadors”, a well-known guest house in Rabat. On the menu: harira soup, pancakes “mille-trou” (beghrir) and pastilla, a sweet and savory pastry.

This tasting was intended to highlight associative programs for children with disabilities or orphans. “I congratulate you on your incredible commitment,” wrote Meghan Markle in a guestbook.

The former Californian actress then appeared in a small pleated black dress and white jacket in the small garden of the fortress of Rabat, transformed for the occasion in sumptuous craft market. The couple who walked hand in hand, met local artisans and received many gifts: a pendant, a jewel box cedar wood, a leather pouf …

The princely couple who is housed in a royal residence in Rabat must leave Tuesday morning, at the end of this visit organized at the request of Queen Elizabeth II.

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