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Prison, suicide and debt…The fate of beneficiaries of the program “Mukawalati”

Despite the six years since the semi-official announcement of the failure of this program, launched by the government of Idris Jettou in 2006, young people benefiting from the government’s self-employment program continue to suffer in order to help young people establish private businesses. The beneficiaries of it in the face of lawsuits of the banks that provided them with loans for the establishment of enterprises.

Last Monday, the police arrested one of the beneficiaries of the program “Mukawalati”, when he was interested in leaving the headquarters of the legislative institution with a number of colleagues, after a meeting with one of the parliamentary groups; after finding that he was questioned for not paying him a bank loan had benefited from the establishment of a contractor.

According to an information, the young man, who was arrested from the heart of the parliament and transferred to Beni Mellal where he was imprisoned pending his appearance in court, had set up a bee-keeping project in his town of Beni Mellal, but he did not succeed, Bees, to find himself surrounded by a bank loan does not have money to pay it.

The young people benefiting from the Mukawalati program whose projects failed due to the danger they face from all sides because of their inability to pay the loans they took from the banks, especially after the establishment of banking institutions to file lawsuits against them, which negatively affected their social stability. Some of them preferred to end their lives by committing suicide, as was the case with one of the beneficiaries of Agadir.

“Most of the beneficiaries of the Mukawalati program have failed their projects and are now at risk of entering prison at any moment because they are unable to pay their accumulated loan installments,” said Fathallah Ahmed, a member of the National Union of Young Entrepreneurs, Mukawalati, which the state wanted to make it a way to reduce the unemployment of young people, if it turns into a nightmare that still affects the issuance of beneficiaries to today.

Fathallah Ahmed said that the government’s self-employment program, “Mukawalati,” was launched incorrectly, because the government did not provide a good configuration for the beneficiaries, nor to keep up with them after the establishment of their projects and did not provide them with soft loans. They benefited from interest rate loans, Which put the young entrepreneurs in the debt they can not afford them, adding: “The idea of ​​the program Moukawalati in itself was good, but the procedures to keep up with it was bad”.

The state relied on Mukawalati to provide around 90,000 jobs through the construction of 30,000 small enterprises. However, the number of enterprises established since the program was officially launched in 2007 until 2017 was only 2050, according to data Vice-President of the Chamber of Industry, Trade and Services in Rabat in a seminar organized by the coordination of victims of the program “Mukawalati” last year.

Fathallah Ahmed pointed out that the young people who benefited from the government’s self-employment program found themselves in the face of the banking institutions after the government abandoned them and left them facing their own fate, adding: “The government has left us and turned back, to find ourselves involved in debt. And are threatened at any moment to enter the prison”.

The efforts of the victims of the program “Mukawalati” to save themselves from prisons caught its roots after the preparation of the draft government budget for 2019, where the ninth item provides a point to exempt entrepreneurs from debt, prompting them to request parliamentary teams may be covered by this item, and after meeting with a team a member of parliament was arrested last Monday and imprisoned in Beni Mellal prison to join other “victims” sentenced to prison, while colleagues put their hands on their hearts for fear of a similar fate, after the government made them mice to test their failed programs.

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