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“Psycho Wrecking”, the new Don Bigg sound

After the box full of the title “170 KG”, which currently accumulates more than 17 million views on YouTube, Don Bigg is back with a new sound.

Through this single, entitled “Psycho Wrecking”, the famous Moroccan rapper plunges into his past. Indeed, the title celebrates 20 years of the very first performance on stage of Don Bigg, his real name Taoufik Hazeb. The latter having made his first artistic steps by rapping in English.

In his video, which is not recommended for people under 18 because of scenes of violence, Don Bigg denounces the social schizophrenia that feeds misogyny, especially in the Arab world. “It starts with the objectification of women, leads to physical violence against women, and in some cases horror scenes that have recently made headlines in Morocco and elsewhere,” reads the release of the new single.

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