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Qatar supports King Mohammed VI

An official source in the Qatari Foreign Ministry praised the speech delivered by King Mohammed VI during the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Morocco, welcoming “the Call of Al-Quds” signed at this time.

“Qatar welcomes the speech made by King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the Pope’s visit to Morocco, in which the King emphasized the imperative of religious education in the fight against extremism by insisting on Preservation of the common heritage linking monotheistic religions,” he said in a statement to the official Qatar news agency “QNA”, relayed Friday by local media.

The official source pointed out that Doha highly salutes “the Call of Al-Quds” signed recently in Rabat by King Mohammed VI, Amir Al-Muminin and Pope Francis and calls for its implementation through the recovery and preservation of the historical, legal and religious rights of Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, in the holy city.

He also recalled that Morocco and Qatar are linked by fraternal relations and common visions, adding that the two brother countries aim to create a better future for their peoples as well as for the peoples of the Arab region.

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