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Rabbah: Creating a new refinery is less expensive than saving Samir

Minister of Energy, Minerals and Sustainable Development Aziz Rabbah issued a statement saying that the status of the dilapidated Samir refinery requires costly investments to restore life to the country, adding that the state considers it available at a refinery such as those in Mohammadia. Half of the economy needs of petroleum materials.

He added that the construction of a new refinery would appear to be less expensive than restarting the Mohammedia refinery, saying that it might be in another area. Nador North is a target for the new industry and refining industry.

With this statement of satisfaction, the authorities seem not to be optimistic about the fate of the name of the refinery of the Moroccan company for industry and refining in Mohammedia, which has been idle for years, and it seems that the operation of the refinery is far away and will not come to light, There is no data indicating that the refinery file has been discharged to safety.

The Minister of Energy, Minerals and Sustainable Development said that questions should be asked about why all investors should turn a blind eye to investing in the refinery after paying attention to them, adding that the refinery bears very heavy debts. In 2018, it collapsed in the case of Samir in the trial of the Misdemeanor Court in Mohammedia, condemning the Moroccan company unknown to the industry and refining, on charges of misrepresenting the path of imported oil products and making false statements at the importation. The court ordered the liquidated Samir refinery and its general manager Jamal Baamer to pay a fine of 37.4 billion dirhams.

Aziz Rabbah said that the refinery is still using several non-manufacturing and refining branches as a fuel distribution company, without losing sight of the company’s huge tanks, which can provide rental services to other companies active in the sector and importers of oil products.

The Minister’s statements coincided with the loading of the three unions representing the workers and employees of the suspended refinery, throwing responsibility of the Government at the risk of extinction, accusing it of being unclear, to resume production and restore life to the facility.

The three unions sent a letter to Prime Minister Saad Eddine ElOthmani, Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit, Minister of Economy and Finance Mohammed Benchaaboune, Minister of Energy and Minerals and Sustainable Development Aziz Rabbah. The three unions stressed the fate of the unknown future of the company, a strong contributor to the balance of the oil and fuel sector in the country.

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