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Raja Club Athletic get close the African Cup

Raja Club Athletic win the first leg of the African Cup of Nations (CAF Confederation Cup) on Sunday with a 3-0 against Vita Club of Congo.

The Rajawian elements started the game with great offensive pressure on the Congolese team from the first minutes, through the creation of many scoring attempts, by Zakaria Hadraf, Mahmoud Benhaleb and Ibrahima Nyasi.

The team  mates of the captain Badr Bannon continued to dominate the game and put pressure on the opposing team, which the Vita Club players met with a tight defense deflection of all Eagles maneuvers, relying on attackers.

Zakaria Hadraf, who played in the 22nd minute, tried to make it easy in the hands of the Congolese goalkeeper. Before the Senegalese referee, Raja scored the ball on the edge of the box.

The offensive solutions to the rugged elements, after being betrayed by the focus and the final touch of the net, were absent due to the good deployment of the Vita players in the back line, and a defensive barrier against the attacking offensive ball. The Cameronian goalkeeper Nelson Bongaman also starred.

With the beginning of the second round, and from the tactical aspect, the oval team succeeded in deciphering the Congolese defense by achieving the first goal in the game, by Soufiane Rahimi, in the 47th minute, after a deep-focused pass from the man Abdul-Ilah Al-Hafidi, Place the ball in front of Rahimi.

In the 55th minute, the team mates of the captain Badr Bannon, another attacking ball, was roused by his team mates to search for the second goal, while the Vita Club players searched for rebounds against the defense of Raja and used their attacking momentum.

Soufiane Rahimi returned to shake the Congolese net with a powerful shot from outside the area of ​​the game, defeating goalkeeper Nelson Bongaman in the 61st minute, giving the second goal to the Moroccan team, before the Senegalese referee was awarded a penalty after Zakaria Hadraf was shot down in the game. Costing Mahmoud Benhaleb, translated into the third goal in the 66th minute.

The Raja players fought the rest of the minutes with great satisfaction, without looking for the use of the numerical deficit of the opposing team, to add other goals, ending the Senegalese whistle the details of the match, three clean of hope, waiting for the return match.

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