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RAM: A new commercial system deployed

RAM has just set up a whole commercial system to reassure its passengers and give more visibility to its customers wherever it is. A series of measures and customer benefits have been granted since Monday, June 1.

“We have put in place an exceptional and evolving commercial system … which should demonstrate our total mobilization with our customers and our desire to get through this difficult period together”, specifies a document from the Customer Center addressed to travel agencies and partners of the company.

According to RAM, the change of ticket dates is allowed unlimitedly and at no additional cost. Same for passengers who choose a change of destination.

“Royal Air Maroc is more than ever listening to its customers,” said the company. It must be said that since the confinement (March 16), the RAM customer relations center has been inundated with calls and passenger emails either for the reimbursement of their tickets or to inquire about the terms and conditions of having a credit, the change of route and/or dates or the possibilities of postponing the trip as well as questions about the processing times for reimbursement requests, the possibilities of extending the validity of the ticket, the miles …

These are all recurring requests and questions recorded by RAM’s customer relations services and centers in a context of containment and health crisis. To reassure its customers and put an end to all kinds of interpretations, the company has put in place a whole commercial system available in a series of measures and advantages offered to passengers affected by flight cancellations/postponements.

“The context of the health crisis (Covid-19) has deprived many customers of taking advantage of their travel tickets, which were paid in advance …”, admits the company. From there, RAM announces to its passengers, since June 1, that they “have the possibility of changing travel date and destination without restrictions and as many times as they wish without penalties, in order to allow them to plan their travel programs in peace.”

Concretely, for customers who do not have visibility on the travel forecasts, the RAM offers “the reimbursement of the value of the tickets against a credit whose validity has been extended for the occasion to 18 months, from the date when the ticket was issued. This credit is refundable at the end of its validity … “.

According to the company, the passengers affected by these new provisions are those whose tickets were issued before June 30, 2020 or those whose flights were canceled due to the Covid-19 crisis, on the entire RAM network. The change of ticket dates is therefore allowed unlimitedly and at no additional cost. The same goes for passengers who opt for a change of destination (unlimited and free of charge).

Of course, the changes must be in the same fare class. Changes to tickets can be made at the relevant travel agencies or the company’s call center. The new travel dates are planned until October 31, 2020 inclusive, with the possibility of extending the return date beyond this date to keep the same date of stay.

Miles & Safar Flyer “suspended”

Many RAM customers question and send emails about the possibilities of earning their miles. On this precise point, the company specifies that in the current context (Covid-19), the Safar Flyer customer service is temporarily suspended. However, RAM invites its customers, who have convertible miles balances, to send details of their request to Safar Flyer customer service for the Blue, Silver Gold and Ambassador categories. RAM promises to process requests as soon as possible.

Repayment Terms

To benefit from the reimbursement, the customer must present an individual ticket. This allows a nominal credit worth 18 months from the date of issue. The credit is refundable in cash on the expiry date. The credit is issued to travel agencies or the RAM call center. For group and/or account tickets, credit is also permitted. However, the broadcast is subject to a prior written agreement by the Royal Air Maroc representative and the General Delegation responsible for the partner travel agency. The agreement is given on the basis of supporting documents to be provided by the agency, in particular a purchase order, proof of payment or any other conclusive document.

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