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RAM forced to suspend 5 domestic lines

It is a decision that will have serious consequences (economic) on certain regions of Morocco. The Ministry of Tourism has indeed told the Royal Air Maroc (RAM) to suspend five internal lines, said a source within the company.

The national airline will stop serving Guélmim, Beni-Mellal and Zagoura from Casablanca. The Zagoura-Ouarzazate line will also be suspended.

And that’s not all. The Casablanca-Bouarfa line that was planning to launch the RAM from 1 April next, will not see the day (at least for the moment).

Joined by Daily Morocco, a source within the Ministry of Tourism said “do not know”.

It should be remembered that these domestic lines had been launched as part of the RAM policy aimed at promoting national tourism and enhancing the attractiveness of the regions and encouraging their opening up of Subsidized lines by the airline and the regions concerned.

This suspension notified by the ministry will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the economic development of these regions.

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