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RAM: Health situation delays flights to Israel

While Royal Air Maroc (RAM) has appointed its representative in Israel, there is still no visibility on the launch date of its flights between Morocco and the Hebrew state. And for good reason, the health situation.

“With the current worsening health situation, the Israeli authorities have just recently banned entry into the territory to all foreign visitors until August 1. If this decision has a good chance of being extended for the whole summer, so until September 15, in fact, the sequence of events will be closely linked to the evolution of the epidemiological situation”, declared a source of RAM’s top management.

According to her, this situation also justifies the absence of a press release on the launch dates for direct Morocco-Israel flights, which are scheduled to depart in June or even July at the latest. “So if we had scheduled a commercial opening in August, RAM would have already launched an advertising campaign to sell the tickets, but that is still not the case.”

In Israel, the start of Israeli trafficking is expected for the last quarter of 2021. “In the end, despite the appearance of the Indian variant Delta which is currently causing an outbreak of contaminations in Israel, the high vaccination rate which covers 60 % of its population, 85% of which are adults, should in the short term limit the spread of serious cases requiring hospitalizations and finally allow the last quarter of the current year to really start a significant flow of Israeli tourists to Morocco”, added this source from the top management of the national airline.

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