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RAM: Netherlands Travel Trade Association files complaint

While it is true that with the global coronavirus pandemic, the tourism industry at the global level has taken a hit, Royal Air Maroc customers, like those of other companies, are starting to lose patience, in front of the slowness of the company to reimburse them. The first complaint against the Moroccan company comes from ANVR, a powerful tourism union in the Netherlands.

With this crisis, which promises to be lasting and deep, and faced with poor prospects for a possible recovery in tourism activity, the ANRV has decided to take legal action against airlines that do not reimburse. The first complaint from the Netherlands Travel Trade Association (ANVR), the equivalent of the Netherlands “Travel Companies”, is directed against Royal Air Maroc.

The legal action is still ongoing. Soon, other companies could meet the same fate. “We also lacked patience for Aeroflot, El Al, Air Transat and other airlines,” said Walter Schut, deputy director of ANVR recently.

As a reminder, the ANVR has more than 800 travel agencies, 300 tour operators and 20,000 employees, or 85% of the Dutch travel market.

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