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RAM official sponsor of the 5th Dakar-Gorée Jazz Festival

The Senegalese capital will vibrate, on Friday and Saturday, with the sounds of jazz, on the occasion of the 5th edition of the “Dakar-Gorée-jazz festival”, a cultural and artistic event of which the national company “Royal Air Maroc” is the sponsor and official carrier.

“This is the third time that we have been accompanying the Gorée Jazz festival, whose fifth edition is organized under the sign of education. This is part of Royal Air Maroc’s policy to support art and culture in general, particularly in Africa, in line with our vision to strengthen our roots in the continent”, said Ahmed Benrbia, Africa Delegate General of RAM, Thursday evening in Dakar, during a brilliant reception organized for the launch of this cultural event.

“Our presence in Africa is in line with the policy advocated by Morocco, aimed at strengthening our anchorage in the continent,” he told, noting that culture and art are important vectors of openness, tolerance and rapprochement between peoples.

This support of the RAM to the various cultural events organized in Africa is also part of the “cooperation relationship sought by Morocco, under the impetus of the royal guidelines in the direction of strengthening South-South cooperation”, he stressed.

For years now, he continued, we have been accompanying major cultural events in Africa, including the Biennale of Contemporary African Art in Dakar (Dakar’t), the African Performing Arts Market (MASA) in Ivory Coast, the African Photography Biennale in Bamako and the Panafrican Festival of Cinema of Ouagadougou (FESPACO).

“RAM, a leading company in the continent, carries 1.8 million passengers on the African lines a year, which demonstrates the importance of the company’s traffic and activity on the continent,” he said, noting that these figures represent between 25 and 27% of the general RAM traffic.

For his part, the regional director of the RAM in Senegal, Yassine Tazi said that “Senegal represents the first destination of the company in Africa, with a total of 260,000 passengers per year between Casablanca and Dakar, thanks to three flights per day in both directions,” noting that this is a “real bridge between Morocco and Senegal, thus helping to strengthen the exemplary relationship between the two sister countries and to bring the two peoples closer together”.

“Royal Air Maroc has always accompanied Dakar-Goree Jazz, a festival that, in addition to entertaining, has an educational component and participates in the promotion of tourism in Senegal,” he noted, noting that the RAM that occupies a Strong position in the aeronautical world, thanks to its dynamism, its competitiveness and its spirit of innovation, has always accompanied and participated in the rise of artists and cultural events in Africa.

During this evening hosted by the RAM and marked by the presence of the Moroccan ambassador in Dakar, Taleb Barrada and a host of representatives of the worlds of culture and arts in Senegal, the organizers emphasized that the fifth edition Dakar-Gorée Jazz will pay tribute to the famous Senegalese musician Doudou Ndiaye Rose.

The slogan “the RAM gives wings to the artists”, is significant of the ambitions of the company to enter durably in this partnership, they affirmed, noting that the festival will be opened more to the Senegalese artists to allow the meeting and the exchange between different musical cultures, especially between jazz and African music.

Take part in this 5th edition of renowned groups such as Orchesta Téranga, Coumbis Sora, Laddy Nancy, Essabil and Iba Gaye Massar, in addition to Maia Quintet and Craig Holiday Haynes Quartet, from the United States. Dakar-Gorée-jazz festival is a major event on Senegal’s cultural and tourism agenda.

“It is a pretext, an answer to a pedagogical, educational and cultural need, inscribed in the framework of the promotion of the integration, the tolerance and the understanding between the African Diaspora (the African-Americans, the Antilleans, etc.) and Africans, for the advent of a sustainable tourism and cultural development,” said the organizers, in a statement of presentation of this cultural event.

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