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RAM: The King launches the first flight of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

King Mohammed VI on Wednesday laid the foundation stone for a new air terminal at Rabat Salé Airport, before launching the first of its new generation of Royal Air Maroc aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, recently acquired by Royal Air Maroc (RAM).

The expansion of the Rabat-Salé Airport is part of the structural project, which aims to keep pace with the growing growth of passenger traffic and the socio-economic boom known by Rabat-Salé Kuneitra, which requires investments worth 1,641 billion MAD.

The project, which is in full harmony with the objectives of the Rabat-Al Anwar program, the cultural capital of Morocco, will enhance the city’s tourism potential by raising the airport’s annual capacity to 4 million passengers instead of 1.5 million currently.

The new facility will also benefit the neighboring city of Kenitra, as an industrial land and an important center for job opportunities, through its free zone, which receives prestigious industrial groups.

The expansion of the Rabat-Salé airport, which is part of the development strategy of the National Bureau of Airports, will contribute to the construction of a new air terminal on an area of ​​about 69,000 square meters, the expansion of the aircraft stand (6 additional stations), the construction of Two levels with a capacity of 1,300 cars.

In response to the needs and expectations of Moroccan and foreign travelers, the new air station will be equipped with modern technological equipment, which is suitable for international standards in the areas of safety, security and quality of service, and with an engineering design that allows optimal space management for smooth passenger mobility.

The new air terminal will also include a public lobby with aircraft modeling space, a passenger and luggage registration room, a space for access control procedures, a baggage storage room, a dedicated passport control space, and red and green check-in procedures.

The station will also contain six telescopic corridors to get up and down from the plane, a commercial space completed, as well as spaces for lavatory and restroom services.

The project, funded by the National Airport Office (596 million MAD), the African Development Bank (825 million MAD) and the French Agency for Development (220 million MAD), will be integrated into the project, valuing natural lighting, and economizing on water consumption.

The King’s launch of the new air terminal is part of the new international airport, which has seen a significant transfer in recent years, with an annual growth rate of 14.03 percent between 2007 and 2017.

The king then launched the first of the new generation of Royal Air Maroc aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which the company recently acquired.

On this occasion, the Director-General of Royal Moroccan Airlines, Abdelhamid Edu, presented King Mohammed VI with a symbolic gift.

The first Boeing 787-9, the largest and most efficient, to be ordered by the national carrier, will be added to the five Boeing 787-8 aircraft operated by Royal Air Maroc, enabling the airline to offer flights to new destinations on a direct flight, Thus strengthening RAM network, which includes more than 90 international destinations.

The Boeing 787-7 is more than 6 meters wide and has a capacity of 302 passengers (more than 28 seats compared with Boeing 787-8) and can fly more than 14,000 to 140 kilometers on a two-tier model.

This additional capacity will enable Royal Maroc to expand its business while improving the profitability of its lines, particularly with its energy efficiency, while reducing gasoline consumption and carbon emissions by 25 per cent compared to other long-range aircraft.

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