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Ramadan 2020 will start Saturday in Morocco

It’s now official. Ramadan 1441/2020 begins this Saturday, April 25 in Morocco, has just announced the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs.

In a press release, the ministry indicates having observed the lunar crescent of the blessed month of Ramadan this Thursday 29 Chaabane 1441 of the Hegira, corresponding to April 23, 2020 after the prayer of Al-Maghrib, specifying that “all the delegates of the ministry in the Kingdom and the Royal Armed Forces Units associated with the observation confirmed the non-observation of the lunar crescent announcing the sacred month of Ramadan”.

As a result, the month of Chaabane will have exhausted its 30 days and the first day of the holy month of Ramadan 1441 in Hegira will correspond to Saturday April 25, 2020, adds the ministry.

Recall also that the sacred month began Friday in Saudi Arabia, announced the Saudi Supreme Court. Several other Muslim countries have announced the start of Ramadan on Friday, including Egypt, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon.

The fasting period begins at the start of the new moon and ends at the start of the next lunar cycle. Even if astronomical calculations make it possible to know precisely the day of the new moon, Moroccan tradition requires that the star be observable with the naked eye. But it is the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs that officially announces the start date of Ramadan in Morocco.

On this occasion, Daily Morocco team wishes you a happy Ramadan!

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