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RAMED: ANAM denies the application of 480 MAD costs

The National Health Insurance Agency (ANAM) has denied the “false allegations” about the application of the costs of 480 dirhams for each beneficiary of the medical aid plan (RAMED), and stated that the applicable procedure has not changed since the plan in 2008 was launched.

The procedure has not changed since the start of a pilot experiment in the Tadla-Azilal region in 2008 and after the generalization of the regime in 2012, the ANAM assured in a statement on Friday.

Moreover, there is no direct relationship between the agency and the beneficiaries and no correspondence is addressed to them with regard to the ordinary procedure of this program, she explained.

In accordance with the provisions of Decree No 2-08-177, as amended and supplemented, the financial contribution of the beneficiaries is determined on the basis of the decisions of the permanent local committees, composed of representatives from the various ministerial departments involved, who the beneficiaries in two categories: the category of people living in poverty and people in precarious situations.

The scheme sets the eligibility criteria for local authorities on the basis of 40 MAD for each poor beneficiary and 120 MAD per year, while the contribution of each family member in a precarious situation is 120 DH per year. year, without exceeding the 600 MAD per year as the maximum threshold for each family, is there.

Statistics compiled since the beginning of the implementation of the RAMED show that the category of people in a precarious situation represents only 8% of the total number of beneficiaries, continued the agency and noted that it is preparing the maps based on the basis decisions of the local standing committees sent to it by the relevant departments of the Ministry of the Interior.

The administrative authorities, she added, give the cards free of charge to the category of poor, while people in a precarious situation receive payment notification and are therefore asked to contact Barid Bank’s offices for the partial annual contribution to to pay the appropriate bill for 2009, in accordance with the applicable procedures.

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