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Renewable energies: Morocco to reach its 2020 target

Morocco’s renewable energy capacity reached 3,685 megawatts (MW) at the end of 2019, including 700 MW of solar energy, 1,215 MW of wind energy and 1,770 MW of hydroelectricity, revealed the Moroccan Agency for Renewable Energies (MASEN).

While Morocco did not inaugurate any new power plant in 2019, the agency announced the launch of several solar and wind energy projects in 2020, in order to reach the country’s goal of a capacity of 6,000 MW in 2020.

According to MASEN, the 2020 objective will be achieved with the launch of new projects.

Morocco aims to make 42% of its energy production renewable in 2020 and increase to 52% in 2030.

The Kingdom’s renewable energies are currently produced by four solar power plants and 11 wind turbines. The Noor Ouarzazate solar power plant has the highest capacity, with 580 MW. In the wind power sector, the Tarfaya plant has the highest capacity, with 301 MW, followed by Aftissat and Akhfenir, with 200 MW each.

Planned projects that have not yet started include the Noor Midelt I and Noor Midelt II solar power plants, with capacities of 800 and 230 MW respectively, as well as other projects totaling a capacity of 1150 MW of solar energy and 640 MW of wind energy.

Finally, projects still in the planning phase include power plants in several regions of Morocco. The projects would total a capacity of 1,000 MW of solar energy and 570 MW of wind energy.

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