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Report MSC 2019: Focus on the puzzle of global disorder

The report on world security has just been published for the Munich Security Conference (MSC 2019) and its authors look at the paradigm shift that has shaken world order, long chapters are reserved for the countries by which the main upheavals arrive: United States, China and Russia. Second, in the analysis, the actors of the second line of which the liberal democracies are strongly shaken: France, the Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan.

The report stops, in particular, on the hot zones of the globe: the Balkans where the tension does not drop, the region of the Sahel which remains undermined by terrorism and the Middle East where peace remains inaccessible. The multiple stops on images thus carried out are broken down in the light of the security policies put in place.

In their prospective analysis, the Munich Security Report 2019 authors sound the alarm. In particular, they warn of the risks of using hypersonic weapons, the possible negative impacts of the misuse of artificial intelligence, the unprecedented development of organized crime, and so on.

This document will not fail to interest decision makers in the field of security. It is the result of a collaborative work of several renowned think tank. To prepare it well, the Munich Security Conference Foundation, organizer of the MSC, claims to have collaborated with, among others, like the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the PEW Research Center, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPI), Oxford Economics, McKinsey & Company, the Mercator Institute for China (MERICS), the regional office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for Cooperation and Peace in Europe and the Peterson Institute for the International Economy (PIIE).

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