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Residents of Tindouf camps rebel against Polisario

It was after learning that the delegation sent to Algiers to try to get news of Ahmed Khalil had returned without having put forward an iota that the rebellion broke out. They were hundreds to have pitched a tent in front of what is called the permanence of Polisario in Rabouni. They belonged to all the Sahrawi tribes, in solidarity with Rguibat Oulad Cheikh, from whom the kidnapped person comes.

This rebellion, the umpteenth in the space of a few days, turned into an open and continuous sit-in that brought the Tindouf camps into a boil never equaled since the movements of 1982. The sit-in degenerated in demonstration where we could hear slogans claiming information on the case of Ahmed Khalil, former advisor in charge of human rights in the Polisario structures of the alleged leader of the Polisario, Mohamed Abdelaziz, kidnapped, ten years ago by the Algerian intelligence services.

Information indicating the probable death of Ahmed Khalil during his sequestration in Algerian jails, would have been enough to aggravate a situation already very tense for more than ten days.

The tent erected by the members of the tribe of the deceased in front of the Polisario headquarters has not been empty. Day after day, the delegations of other tribes go there, expressing their solidarity with the parents of Ahmed Khalil.

But since the return of the delegation led by the Polisario security chief, the sit-ins have turned into rebellion and daily marches on the headquarters of the so-called permanent secretariat of the Polisario.

Our sources indicate that the disaffected had delegated a commission which was received by Brahim Ghali on February 10th which had promised them an answer to their demands. But their disappointment was such that they had no choice but to walk to the Polisario headquarters when the latter acknowledged that his approach to the Algerian services concerned was not conclusive.

Taken by surprise, the latter finally acknowledged the kidnapping of Ahmed Khalil and his intervention with his masters of the Algerian secret service has pushed them to recognize the arbitrary sequestration of the high Saharawi framework that was to reveal the multiple abuses committed by the separatists with the blessing of Algiers.

Sources close to the family of Ahmed Khalil corroborated the information that an emissary of Brahim Ghali confirmed them that the latter was in an Algerian prison and that he could be released in the coming days.

Following this announcement and pending his release, the family of the kidnapped has ended his sit-in before the Polisario.

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