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Rivaldo at the SCCM: explanations from the club president

The announcement made a lot of response. Rivaldo, the former glory of the Seleçao, was announced at the SCCM (Sporting Club Chabab Mohammedia). The president of the club, Hicham Ait Menna, came out of the silence and explained the details of this “affair”.

In a statement, the head of Chabab Mohammedia said that the negotiations with Rivaldo are not dated today, and that they are only at the beginning of the talks, started four months ago. “My meeting with him in Tangier was just the beginning of these negotiations and an opportunity to officially present him the file,” he said.

And to add: “We did not discuss the financial aspect since the signing of the contract is conditioned first by a rise of the club in the second division, then by obtaining, by Rivaldo, a diploma coach.”

Moreover, Hicham Aït Menna emphasized that it was not “propaganda”, specifying that they reached an agreement in principle, but that it would first be necessary “to realize the rise in D2”.

“In his Instagram account, he (Rivaldo) said he could coach the team in the future. We did not say it will be today,” he said.

Recall that the Brazilian legend denied the fact that he signed a contract with the SCCM: “I would like to thank the president of Chabab Mohammedia for the invitation and the jersey he offered me. However, I want to say that I will not coach the team at the moment … Maybe that will be the case in the years to come,” he said via his Instagram account.

As a reminder, the photo of Rivaldo with the SCCM president has toured several Moroccan and foreign editorial offices. The club management has even told several media that there was an agreement for next year with the former star of Barça.

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