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Russia plans to extract underground resources from the moon

Between 2031 and 2035, Russia plans to launch unmanned spacecraft into the moon, including an unmanned high-altitude spacecraft Lunokhod to extract underground resources and units and equipment to build the Russian lunar base, Russian media reported on Sunday.

Russia will also send to the moon a multi-use space device designed to transport various cargoes, it added.

“The Lavochkin Space Corporation has proposed this to Russian RoCosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences,” the source said, adding that the Russian lunar base will weigh 6 tons. It will include sections for navigation and communications.

Earlier in the year, Russian cosmonaut Dmitry Rogozin announced that in 2021, Russia plans to send the Luna-25 spacecraft to the Moon and in 2023 the Luna-26 orbital system. In 2024, Luna -27″.

He said Luna-25 would look for the Antarctic ice and test the smooth landing technology on the moon.

It will be the first Russian mission to the moon after a 40-year hiatus, when the last Soviet satellite station was launched in 1976, the Luna-24.

The Luna-26 mission is to map and study the surface of the moon from a distance, while Luna-27 will take samples of soil in the Antarctic to study it.

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