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Saad Lamjarred is still talking about him

Saad Lamjarred has posted a new photo on his Instagram account behind the scenes of his new music video. On this shot in white and black, the singer has a new look that has made people react. Lamjarred’s photo, in which he appears wearing a black outfit and varnished boots of the same color, gathered more than 119,000 likes just hours after its publication.

While some appreciated its new look, others expressed dissatisfaction with the change. It is that the singer, much criticized by the media for his media releases, is very discreet for a few months, and his family do everything possible to avoid spreading his life in public. This new release has provoked the anger of some Internet users who have described Lamjarred’s behavior as “irresponsible”.

Indicted for rape and placed under judicial supervision after having paid a deposit of 150,000 euros, the singer has no right to leave the territory. It is in the establishment of Saint Tropez “Hermitage” that Saad Lamjarred was arrested following a rape charge. Saad Lamjarred “vigorously contests the facts and does not recognize any kind of violence”, adds Jean-Marc Fedida who affirms that the sexual relation is “consented” and that “no material element shows that there has been violence or constraint”. However, the young woman accuses the singer of rape.

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