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Saad Lamjarred’s big concert in Dubai

After Saudi Arabia, Saad Lamjarred performed in Dubai on Friday. And the least we can say is that the singer was a hit! With his energetic music, Lamjarred went on to his greatest successes and was long applauded by a crowd in delirium.

Recall that after three years of absence, Saad Lamjarred made his comeback on stage two weeks ago. The Moroccan singer has performed in Saudi Arabia, as part of the “Mawssim Riyadh” festival, in the presence of hundreds of fans.

The singer has received the approval of French justice to make his comeback on stage. His last concert was in October 2016.

Accused three years ago of rape by the French Laura Prioul, 20 years old at the time, Lamjarred saw the facts reclassified by the judge on April 9. He was, in fact, referred to the Paris Criminal Court for “sexual assault” and “aggravated violence”.

Despite his setbacks, Saad Lamjarred continued his artistic career. He has released several hits including “Ensay”, “Njibek”, “Ikhallik lili” and “Salam”. His clip, Lm3allem, has surpassed the 760 million views mark. It’s the most watched clip in the Arab world.

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