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Sabrina Dhowre, wife of Elba: “I will never forget Morocco”

Since her wedding on April 26 with the sexiest man in the world, Idris Elba, Sabrina Dhowre, a former Miss Vancouver, has evoked memories of her stay in Marrakech.

Sabrina Dhowre has full memories of Morocco, which she admits never to forget. In three days of stay like no other, the former Miss Vancouver has completely melted for the ocher city and for the legendary hospitality of Moroccans.

We remember that Sabrina and Idris have just married at the hotel Ksar Char-Bagh in Marrakech. A real people event that brought together parents, friends and an impressive number of showbiz celebrities.

Far from prestigious brands such as Dior or Vera Wang and the famous designers she is used to, Sabrina instead donned a jellaba white and green on his Instagram account, to signify his attachment to the Moroccan culture which she still keeps immense memories. “I’ll never forget Morocco …”, she shared in comment.

The famous “Vogue” magazine, which had offered the world exclusive wedding of former Miss Vancouver and Idris Elba had already published photos of these unforgettable moments on his Instagram account, pending its release in July which, as announced to Internet users, will be totally dedicated to these moments of the couple in Marrakech.

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