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Sahara: 3rd round table in sight

At the invitation of the Personal Envoy of UN Secretary-General Horst Köhler, the delegations of Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and the “Polisario” met on 21 and 22 March in the suburbs of Geneva, in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2440.

According to a Geneva source, the delegations made a courteous and open commitment in an atmosphere of mutual respect. “The final communiqué of the round table was in line with the agenda of the meeting, which focused on the parameters of the political solution, namely realism, pragmatism and a sense of compromise”, he said.

The discussions focused on the parameters of the political solution defined by the Security Council. “The precision of these parameters definitely excludes any debate around independence or referendum. The Moroccan initiative of autonomy fully corresponds to the parameters defined by the Security Council, namely pragmatism, realism, durability and the sense of compromise. The international community is now unanimous that the initiative of Moroccan autonomy is the only way to settle the regional dispute in the Moroccan Sahara. The other parties are called to join this dynamic and to contribute sincerely and in good faith to the discussions around the political solution,” said the same source.

At the same time, Algeria and the “polisario” have been called, to abandon definitively their dogmatic reference set frozen and exceeded by the parameters defined by the security council.

“During the discussions, a convergence of views emerged, demonstrating that the Maghreb region will fully benefit from the dividends of the final settlement of this dispute. The elected representatives of the Region composing the Moroccan delegation actively participated in all the debates of this round table, presenting the growing economic and human development experienced by the southern provinces. Morocco has reaffirmed at this round table that any political solution must comply imperatively with the parameters defined by the Security Council and that apart from these elements, any solution and categorically excluded,” he added.

Delegations agreed on the Personal Envoy’s intention to hold a third round table with the participation, again, of Morocco, Algeria, “Polisario” and Mauritania.

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