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Said Amzazi announces the abandonment of the contractual system

Minister of Education Said Amzazi said that the government’s proposals for the status of executives of the Regional Academies of Education and Training (AREF) are aimed at enhancing the quality of contract recruitment.

In a statement from the ministry, Amzazi explained that these proposals aim at improving the current status based on contract recruitment, by moving to a regulatory situation similar to that of civil servants subject to the special status of National Education staff, as part of recruitment by AREFs.

Speaking at a meeting with the most representative education unions, held at the request of the head of government, Amzazi said that the government’s proposals relate to the axes of the amendment of the provisions of the status of the AREF executives and the rights that will be incorporated, as well as the adoption of these amendments.

He pointed out that the axis of amendment of the statute concerns, in particular, the abandonment of the contractual system and the termination of the contract, by the review of all the articles dealing with the termination of the contract because the contractual system is no longer in force. It also deals with the exercise of activities outside working hours by authorizing AREF executives to exercise them, provided that the activities in question are not remunerated, like other civil servants.

The government’s proposals also concern promotion by granting AREF executives the right to promotion of grade and scale throughout their careers. It is also about the revision of Article 25 of the statute relating to retirement following a serious illness, in order to respond positively to this claim and to allow the managers of AREFs access to the same rights of other civil servants.

Regarding the case of incapacity, the government’s proposals concern the application to the AREF executives of the same provisions valid for civil servants in the public administration. In addition, it concerns the right to mobility within the region of assignment, automatic integration without recourse to the contract amendment, tenure directly after integration into the corps of AREF executives and admission to the Professional Qualification Examination and upgrading to Grade 2 of Class 2 (scale 10), while retaining the seniority acquired within AREF.

The second axis of the government’s proposals concerns in particular the possibility of applying to the inspectors’ competition if the conditions are met, like the other teachers of the National Education, for aggregation competitions, access to the educational administration and orientation and educational planning.

The government’s proposals also aim to provide access to positions of responsibility (department head, division chief, provincial director, etc.), in accordance with the terms and conditions in force.

At this meeting, held with representatives of the National Union of Education, the National Federation of Education Officials, the Autonomous Federation of Education and the National Federation of Education, Amzazi announced that these amendments will be adopted at a special meeting of the boards of directors of AREFs, which is planned shortly.

The minister reaffirmed that regional recruitment remains a strategic choice of the government, as part of the implementation of advanced regionalization, adding that this choice consists in granting AREFs the possibility of controlling their human resources, while ensuring to ensure professional and social stability.

In presenting these proposals on behalf of the government, the ministry says it will ensure that AREF executives are provided with adequate conditions of stability and motivation, serving the best interests of students, the statement said.

He also expressed his willingness to continue contacts with the most representative education unions, in the presence of the teachers concerned, in order to provide the necessary clarifications concerning these proposals, it is concluded.

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