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Samir and his DG condemned to 38 Billion MAD of fine

Recognized as guilty of misappropriation of destination of imported products and misrepresentation of the import, the refining company La Samir and his DG, Mohamed Jamal Ba-amer, were sentenced yesterday afternoon, in absentia, by the Criminal Court from Mohammedia to pay 37.4 Billion dirhams (37,428,899,219 MAD) to Customs and the Foreign Exchange Office.

Justice was not limited to these customs offenses because in a second case they will have to pay in addition of 296 Million dirhams for offenses with the regulation of the currencies in favor of the Department of supervision.

In total, Ba-amer and the refining company La Samir were sentenced to pecuniary fines unprecedented, about 55 Billion dirhams. Never before in the history of the Justice of the Kingdom this last one had pronounced for such a trifle.

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