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Saturation of several hospitals in Morocco in the face of the increase in cases

In recent days, several health professionals have warned of the tense situation in certain hospitals in the kingdom, faced with the multiplication of contaminations. In Marrakech, the authorities have even built an additional tent dedicated to the management of Covid+ cases to reduce the pressure on the city’s hospitals.

As new infections with the new coronavirus continue to increase in recent weeks, the rapid rise in severe cases requiring a resuscitation bed is pushing some hospitals in the Kingdom to overflow.

Faced with the culpable silence of the Ministry of Health, doctors and nurses have chosen social networks to alert them to the situation of their hospitals and call on citizens to be vigilant in the face of the exponential rise in new contaminations. “The situation at the Ibn Rochd University Hospital is catastrophic, opening of new resuscitations, a staff falling by the dozen, and admissions are non-stop”, alert, Saturday evening, a nurse anesthetist of the establishment on Twitter. “We risk not having caregivers to take care of the sick,” she regrets.

Friday, another health professional warned him against the situation in Tangier, reporting that the Mohammed VI Hospital of Tangier, “which served as a” mini CHU “(since CHU not yet open) where we were doing cardiovascular surgery, heavy cancer surgery and the like, closed”. He said the facility would have been requisitioned by the Covid, while the other hospitals would be “saturated”.

A message circulating for several days on social networks confirms this observation. In the latter, the “medical staff of the intensive care and intensive care unit of the Duc de Tovar hospital in Tangier would call the fellow citizens of Tangier and all of Morocco who still have doubts about the reality and the seriousness of the problem. covid-19, those who do not want to be vaccinated and those who do not respect or do not see the benefit of applying barrier gestures with more vigilance. The message states an “occupancy rate of intensive care and intensive care beds at 54%”, warning that “92% of patients have more than 75% lung damage on the scanner” because of the virus.

In Marrakech, the situation is no better

If in Casablanca and Tangier, professionals take turns to alert on the situation of hospitals, the Regional Directorate of Health in Marrakech-Safi has decided to call for the mobilization of all professionals in the sector who can help in the management of Covid-19 patients. It also called for “everyone to show a patriotic spirit in order to save the health system from any possible setback”, welcoming the health staff who are still in post. Many of them in Essaouira having tested positive for Covid-19.

Exceeded, Essaouira hospital calls for humanitarian mobilization

Local sources, also alerted to the gravity of the situation and the problems encountered by the health system in the Marrakech-Safi region, in particular the city of Marrakech. They revealed that resuscitation beds in the city are “almost all occupied” by patients.

A situation that required the installation of an additional tent dedicated to the care of Covid+ cases on Saturday. The media also reported a “secretive” trip by Minister of Health Khalid Ait Taleb to Marrakech, the second in less than a month.

The situation of the hospitals of Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakech gives an overview of those of other hospitals in the kingdom, facing thousands of daily contaminations.

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