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Saudi Arabia releases businessman Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi

Media confirmed the release of the Saudi-Ethiopian businessman Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi after his arrest in Riyadh for more than a year.

“The release of Sheikh Al Amoudi from prison,” Media reported Sunday evening. The Ethiopian Media pointed out that Al Amoudi “born in Ethiopia, was released from prison in Saudi Arabia today,” pointing to the efforts of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to mediate the launch of the famous businessman.

Al Amoudi was detained in November 2017 as part of a series of arrests of businessmen in Riyadh.

Born in Ethiopia July 21, 1946, businessman Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi is an Ethiopian mother and Hadrami father, born in Hadramout, Yemen, and grew up in Saudi Arabia.

Al Amoudi began collecting his wealth since he worked in the real estate and construction sectors and later became a buyer of oil refineries in Sweden and Morocco.

His wealth is estimated at $ 13.5 billion, and he is a prominent figure in Ethiopia, and investment in Sweden and Africa.

He began to form his wealth in the construction and contracting sector and then expanded his activities in a qualitative and geographical manner in the business sector in banks, investments, hotels, oil and gas.

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