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Saudi woman fleeing her family gets political asylum

Canada agreed to receive the young Saudi woman Rahaf Mohammed Al Qunun who was fleeing her family. It owes its notoriety to having braved the Thai authorities who wanted to expel him to Saudi Arabia. By tweeting on Twitter she had managed to stir up the social networks that had aborted the intention of the Thai authorities.

Rahaf Mohammed Al Qunun wanted to go to Australia to ask for political asylum highlighting the danger of death she would face, with a possible return to Saudi Arabia. At first, the girl had obtained the refugee status of the United Nations, the mistreatment which she was victim in her country had been taken into consideration.

The exile procedure took time on the side of the Australian authorities, a network of Saudi women settled in Canada took the lead. They were the ones who helped her launch, her media campaign on Twitter. Also, they made every effort to recover it. This anonymous group, out of fear of reprisals, has the credo of ending the slavery of women in Saudi Arabia.

The girl flew to Seoul, South Korea before joining a Canadian airport. This delicacy is likely to further exacerbate relations between the Saudi and Canadian governments.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was delighted to welcome the young Saudi woman. “We have only responded to a request from the UN by granting him asylum. Canada is a country that values ​​how important it is to stand up for women’s rights around the world.”

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