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Schengen Visa: Change of procedure

Obtaining the Schengen visa will follow new provisions adopted by MEPs this week. But before coming into force, they should first be formally approved by the European Council. Six months after this approval, the application of the adopted text will be effective.

One of the main measures taken to enter a country in the Schengen zone is the increase in the cost of the visa of 20 euros. This increase, 80 euros instead of 60, considered “modest” by MEPs, is explained by the concern to maintain “around the world sufficient consular staff”.

It also aims at strengthening security controls and “upgrading computer hardware and software”. Similarly, it does not constitute an “obstacle” for visa applicants.

The other important innovation of these new rules is of interest to frequent travelers with “positive visa histories”. The duration of validity of their multiple entry visas will thus be able, within the framework of more flexible measures, to progressively go from one year to five years maximum.

Other provisions, concerning the visa procedures, the duration of the processing of visa applications, depending on the quality of the cooperation with the third country, have also been provided for by the European Commission.

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