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Sebta: The Moroccan tourist, a boon

Sebta continues to bet on Moroccan tourists. The city has just presented the first results of a study on shopping tourism with a focus on visitors from Morocco. There are one of the last hopes of the sector of the big retailing and the signs of fashion of the city, in crisis for some years. This survey made it possible to identify as closely as possible the profile and the expectations of these customers.

Among the expectations identified are languages, which are essential for any tourist activity and which are often lacking in Sebta. The survey identified Moroccan tourists’ preference for French, followed by Arabic and English. In order to encourage weekend stays, the city’s tourism sector has also been interested in the conditions of stay where the expectations of tourists go to free wifi, a classic, but also to high prices of supplements like the small – lunch or treatments such as hairdressing and beauty.

Then comes the security aspect which is more and more topical. The city of Sebta is not a haven of peace and some neighborhoods like Principe are quite hot, even if criminal assaults are very rare. Ensuring the safety of visitors and their vehicles by setting up monitored car parks is one of the comments made by the respondents.

But what is most cited is the flexibilisation and acceleration of the border crossing. Despite the modernization undertaken on both sides of the border, the conditions of passage to Bab Sebta have declined sharply since 2017 with delays that exceed several hours, depending on the time of day. Conditions that do not seem to be getting better.

Despite this, Spanish officials are working together to reduce this bottleneck, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of this “destination”.

The president of the city of Ceuta, has himself insisted on the establishment of a dedicated protocol of attention to the Moroccan tourist and which will involve all the administration of the city. It will facilitate the accessibility, information and parking of visitors, especially during Moroccan holiday periods, dates that have a large flow of visitors.

It should be noted that the city of Sebta does not hesitate to look for alternatives for its economy turned until then towards the informal trade. This is the case with tourism and online games where it intends to impose itself throughout the region.

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