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Senior officials arrested at Frankfurt Airport

The German authorities arrested at Frankfurt airport a Moroccan delegation composed of deputies and parliamentary advisers.

They did not have visas and held service passports issued by Parliament to deputies. Except that Germany does not recognize these passports, forcing members of the delegation to spend several hours at the airport before the Moroccan ambassador to Germany intervenes to release them. And to add that two ministers of the former government were also part of this delegation.

According to sources, the mayor of Casablanca Abdelaziz El Omari, Mohamed Salem Benmessaoud and Amal Mayssara of the PJD, Abdelilah Al Mohajri and Ahmed Touizi of PAM, Ahmed Touimi of Istiqlal and Mohamed Moubdii the former Minister of public function.

The same source pointed out that the members of the delegation had to travel to Poland to participate in COP24, adding that they had to spend five hours at the airport. They also signed pleadings where they admitted to violating the Maastricht Treaty.

The German authorities also took pictures of them, like illegal immigrants, and demanded that they have Shengen visas when they want to go to Germany.

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