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Sentence confirmed for Saïd Bouteflika

The military court of Blida condemned on appeal, this Monday, Saïd Bouteflika, brother-adviser of the deposed Algerian president, the two former bosses of the intelligence services, the retired general of the army corps Mohamed Mediene known as “Toufik” and retired Major General Bachir Tartag, 15 years in prison, confirming the first verdict.

As for Louisa Hanoune, secretary general of the Workers’ Party, she was sentenced to three years in prison, including 9 months firm, announced Me Nourredine Benissad, one of his lawyers.

The military court had requested a sentence of twenty years in prison against the four defendants, who were sentenced, last September at first instance by the military court to fifteen years in prison each for “attack on the authority of the army” and “conspiracy against the authority of the state”.

The lawyer explained in a press release that “Louisa Hanoune was sentenced to 3 years in prison, including 9 months in prison and the rest of the suspended sentence for not reporting a crime. So she’s out of prison tonight.”

“The defense has shown that Louisa Hanoune has only exercised her fundamental rights, political activity and the expression of an opinion by proposing on the occasion of a meeting with Lieutenant General Toufik and Said Bouteflika in an official and not secret residence a political step by insisting on the resignation of Abdelaziz Bouteflika from his post of president and to go towards a constituent process by the election of a constituent assembly”, adds Me Benissad.

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