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Sentenced for a kiss in Missour: Reactions rain

The conviction of a Moroccan for adultery after exchanging a kiss with a foreign national has caused a public outcry.

In this regard, a sociologist assured that this verdict humiliates the woman still considered an incomplete being, a property of the man. “It is time to overcome these sexist prejudices and move forward to do justice to women who are still marginalized. This condemnation is unfortunately a return to the Middle Ages,” he regretted.

Judge Hakim El Ouardi, who is also the king’s attorney, defended the decision of the court. For him, the pride of the Eastern man can not be tainted by such differences. “Moroccans are virile. They have warm blood. How can a man tolerate seeing his wife in the arms of his lover? it’s totally absurd. The decision of the court in this case is irreproachable,” he said.

The Appeals Chamber of the Missour Court of First Instance sentenced her to four months in prison and fined 5,000 dirhams for kissing a man other than her husband. The Court of Cassation had subsequently upheld the appeal judgment, considering it a betrayal of the marriage.

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