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SIAM 2019: The results of the 14th edition

It is with success that the 14th edition of the International Exhibition of Agriculture of Morocco ended Sunday, April 21st. Placed under the High Patronage of King Mohammed VI, the SIAM has strengthened, in the title of the 2019 edition, its legitimacy as the first agricultural trade fair of the continent, and one of the largest on the international scale.

Organized from 16 to 21 April 2019 under the theme “Agriculture, lever of employment and future of the rural world”, this 14th edition welcomed Switzerland as a guest of honor. In line with its vocation as creator of synergies between the different actors of the agricultural value chain, both Moroccans and foreigners, the Fair saw this year the participation of 60 countries from 5 continents. This enthusiasm is reflected in the 24 official delegations taking part in the Salon, chaired by 19 foreign ministers this year.

This dynamic was particularly fruitful for the African delegations, whose representatives benefited from the Moroccan experience recognized in agriculture, as well as from the international synergies achieved through the SIAM’s vocation and the positioning of Morocco as a “gateway of Africa”.

The SIAM’s vocation as a catalyst for opportunities is reflected in the number of scientific conferences (35) and conventions (more than 50) signed during the 2019 edition. The established credibility of the Salon is also reflected in terms of affluence, with 1365 exhibitors, 331 GIE-cooperatives and 850,000 visitors who responded this year.

SIAM 2019 – The Key Figures:

850,000 Visitors
60 participating countries
1365 exhibitors
331 GIE-Cooperatives
24 foreign delegations chaired by 19 Ministers
35 scientific conferences organized
More than 50 convention signatures
35 trophies of excellence: 16 issued to the exhibitors and 19 to the breeders
595 accredited media representatives at SIAM 2019

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