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Siemens Gamesa positions itself on the export

The Siemens Gamesa wind turbine blade factory continues to accelerate its pace. In the first quarter of the year, the industrial unit delivered 48 B63-type blades to the “Bjerkreim cluster” project in Norway, according to the TangerMed Group. They were received at the Norwegian port of Risavika and represent the first batch of a total order of 144 blades for this project.

Siemens Gamesa started its first export deliveries to Sweden in 2018. This was a batch of latest-generation blades for the Laxaas wind farm in the center of the country, via the port of Uddevalla. This export as well as the previous ones benefit from the polyvalent installations of the port TangerMed, only infrastructure able to assure the export of this type of exceptional product.

The first productions of the plant were launched at the end of 2017. They were delivered by sea, too, to the Aftissat wind farm in Boujdour.

Shipping by sea is the rule because of the many challenges involved in handling these blades, which are 63 meters long and weigh nearly 17 tons each. To cross the quarantine of kilometers separating the site of the factory to the port, it is a whole device which involves dozens of collaborators, but also gendarmes and other members of the police force to ensure the transport of these blades safely.

The operation is done at night and at slow speed along the highway to avoid disrupting traffic on the national road. An operation that is currently running and that benefits from all preparation upstream. Indeed, the port has arranged its roundabouts with direct passages in the middle to reduce turns, mandatory precautions for the transport of blades and loads of such length.

It should be noted that the Siemens Gamesa factory was inaugurated in October 2017 with an investment of more than one billion dirhams. It is located in Tangier Automotive City and has a production capacity of 650 blades per year, a volume that will eventually double. Indeed, the blade manufacturer has launched a study to double the capacity at the inauguration of the latter in order to meet the current demand for wind turbines.

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