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Sinopharm vaccines produced in Morocco from December

Morocco will produce the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine from next December, through its Sothema laboratory. About five million doses per month are expected.

The Moroccan laboratory Sothema will start production of the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm next December. This announcement, confirmed by Dr. Saïd Afif, member of the scientific committee on vaccination, follows the partnership signed this summer between China and Morocco for the production of the Sinopharm vaccine by the Moroccan laboratory Sothema.

Until then, a team from the Chinese Sinopharm laboratory will travel to Morocco to supervise the production facilities and the various machines required for the highly specialized production of this product. Specifically, the Sothema laboratory will receive the raw materials from China to carry out the packaging of the vaccine in Morocco.

“We have the technique of the injectable, and it is this technique which is necessary to be able to make the conditioning here”, details Dr. Afif who specifies that the laboratory will be able to produce some five million doses monthly.

He added: “This is important, because it will make it possible to think about the third dose of vaccination for the front line staff, the elderly, or with diminished immunity.”

Dr. Afif stresses the importance of vaccinating as many people as possible, given the contagiousness of the Delta variant. “With this variant, we must not be satisfied with 60% of vaccinated to achieve collective immunity, we must exceed 80%, thus increasing the rate of vaccines”, explains the member of the scientific committee on vaccination.

The latter is also delighted with the good start of the vaccination campaign for 12-17 year olds, which began last Tuesday. On the first day, 33,000 children were vaccinated, 50,000 on the second day, and 67,000 on the third day, for a total of 150,000. “It is going very well,” comments the specialist, “there are no serious problems, only the classic effects of the vaccine such as redness or pain in the arm, a little fever, … “.

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