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Soon the first cable car in Morocco

Tangier will have a public service infrastructure for urban collective transport by cable car by 2024. A first in Morocco.

During an extraordinary session, the municipal council of Tangier approved, unanimously by the members present, the creation of the public urban public transport service by cable car and the delegated management method, as well as the related specifications, in addition to a partnership agreement under which the municipal council confers on the “Société d’aménagement pour la reconversion de la zone portuaire de Tanger ville” (SAPT) the prerogative to initiate the necessary steps for the realization of the project. According to the presentation by SAPT, this project will be carried out in two phases.

The first phase concerns the two sections “Borj Nâam – Station ferry port – Station marina” extending over 1.3 kilometers, with entry into service scheduled for 2024, while the second includes the section “Station marina – Faro square station” (700 meters), with an overall capacity of 2000 passengers per hour. It is a symbolic and modern installation, which is part of the royal project for the reconversion of the port area of ​​the city of Tangier, said Mohamed Ouanaya, president and CEO of SAPT. According to him, this installation will position Tangier as one of the largest tourist cities on the northern shore of the Mediterranean.

This cable car will be the first of its kind in Morocco, he added. SAPT has already called on international expertise offices specializing in this type of project and legal advice offices, to determine the components of the project, as well as the management and maintenance method to be adopted for this project. The delegated management mode was chosen for this cable car, following a contract that preserves the rights of all project stakeholders, said the manager. Also, he explained that the price of this service will be aligned with the rates in force at the international level, or even lower.

The first phase of the cable car project will require a budget of 240 million dirhams, with a capacity of 1000 passengers per hour, said Driss Benabad, technical director of SAPT. An international call for tenders will be launched to choose the company that will carry out and manage the project for 30 years, he said. The manager will specify that this call for tenders includes the studies, equipment and commissioning of the system, in addition to the management and maintenance of project components.

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